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Tutoring entails a lot of interest, passion, motivation, confidence, dedication, patience and determination. It is what you give that you get. As you are teaching, you are also learning. Be passionate about what you do. Have that job satisfaction. Be happy. That’s even a greater reward. If you are passionate about tutoring like us, we want to hear from you as soon as possible. 

Have you taught previously or have you been working as a private tutor?

Are you a patient, level-headed person?

Can you deal with disappointments and not give up?

Can you go the extra mile…?

Do you have the creativity to stimulate young minds and sharpen their intellect?

Can you handle mature students?

Are you target-driven?

Can you prepare students for special exams like 11+, 13+, GCSE, IGCSE, A Levels, etc?

What key stage can you handle properly?

Can you apply your creativity towards developing new learning ideas?

Are you able to create bespoke learning resources?

Would you be able to help those with Specific Academic Needs (SANs)?

Do you have any key subject knowledge?

What area do you want to specialise in?

What else can you do? Tell us...




The "I interview" is designed to help you assess yourself and have an inkling of what your prospective role will be like. You might have thought that private tuition is about 1 + 1 = 2 or a verb being an action word. It is more than that as you will soon discover. Interview yourself first using the "I interview" below and if you feel you passed this short exercise, then know that you are a potential tutor.


I Interview


High work ethics                                                                                            
Can I be entrusted with an important task?     Y     N
Can I make that first impression that matters and lasts?     Y     N
Can I be a good role model to my tutees?      Y      N
Can I carry out my responsibilities with decorum?     Y     N


Intelligence and creativity
Do I possess the creativity to differentiate learning resources?   Y     N

Do I really have time to read and research?     Y     N

Can I create bespoke learning resources?       Y     N


Organisational and planning skills
Am I able to plan a scheme of work?     Y     N
Am I an excellent time keeper?     Y     N
Do I have the time to plan lessons and organise learning resources to meet those learning objectives?  Y N
Can I manage 6-12 classes in a week?     Y     N


Verbal and written communication skills
Can I communicate boring topics in an interesting way? Y     N
Can I hit the nail on its head?     Y     N
Can I break those complex problems down into simpler steps?     Y     N
Can I make the sessions more interactive?     Y     N
Am I able to know when it is time to break or even change the gear?     Y     N
Can I tell an exciting and funny story?     Y     N
Can I communicate confidently and clearly?     Y     N
Can I use simple analogies to make things clearer?     Y     N
Can I annotate, analyse, evaluate, review, critique a paper, etc?     Y     N


Passionate about learning
Do I have the fire?     Y     N
Can I make them feel it and change their attitude towards learning?     Y     N
Can I stimulate thought and arouse interest?     Y     N
Can I sharpen their intellect and make them reason differently?     Y     N


Practical and result-oriented
Do I have the can-do attitude?     Y     N
Can I make knowledge work?     Y     N
Am I the type that wait for everything to be done for me?     Y     N
Can I achieve the desired and expected results?     Y     N


Attention to details
Am I able to identify and correct all those common mistakes that they make?     Y     N

Am I able to identify potentials/abilities and build on them?     Y     N

Self motivation
Can I motivate myself and my tutees?     Y     N
Do I easily give up to an emerging challenge?      Y     N
Can I motivate my peers to achieve the best?     Y     N


High energy level
Do I even have the energy to read and research extensively?     Y     N 
Can I digest a lot of information?     Y     N
Do I have a good retentive memory?     Y     N
Do I have the energy to use the library quite often?     Y     N
Do I have the patience and energy to sit for hours to research a topic?     Y     N


Stress tolerance    
Am I ready to be stretched?     Y     N
Am I always prepared for the next challenge?     Y     N
Can I withstand those unexpected bombshells of a question?     Y     N
Do I easily break down?     Y     N


Flexibility and adaptability
Am I flexible with time?     Y     N
Do I have problems with travelling to deliver my lessons?     Y     N
Can I adapt to the changing work pattern and/or environment?     Y     N
Do I have a wide range of knowledge or Am I just a boring maths tutor?     Y     N
Do I have something different to say – perhaps a funny story to tell?            Y     N


Problem solving
Am I afraid of challenges or am I equal to the task?     Y     N
Can I figure out easily what the problems are and fix it?     Y     N
Do I have the best solution that presents with the least problem?     Y     N


Decision making
Am I able to think differently?     Y     N
Do I like to raise important issues and address them?     Y     N
Do I like to contribute or simply sit at the back?     Y     N


Critical thinking
Can I think critically?     Y     N

Can I deduce meanings reasonably?   Y     N


Am I able to design an appropriate plan?     Y     N
Do I know exactly what to do and how to do it?     Y     N
Do I know which topics should be taught first and why?     Y     N
Do I have the best technique to impact knowledge?     Y     N

Once you have completed this brief self-assessment exercise, simply fill this application form and send

to admin@PromiseTuitionCentre.com  


Thanks for your interest in working for Promise Tuition Centre.