Investing in your children

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

As a parent you are an expert and no one is better than you when it comes to raising your child. The only way to discover your children is to observe them. How will you know if one of them is the next Einstein, Branson, Obama, Pele, Imhotep, Tesla, etc, if you do not expose them to different activities and/or tasks? Every child has a potential and discovering it will help you to chart the course of their development. Every child is inquisitive and it is very important to discover, at an early stage, the things that excite his or her mind.

Due to paucity of time, it is often difficult for some parents to sit with their children and have a conversation. Everything is not about money. Spend quality time with your children and get to learn a lot from them. Most times, your child knows what his or her problems are and he or she may confide in you to see if you can offer any help. Helping your child in any little way, would encourage him or her to become better and excel.

Discover their interests and invest in those outstanding skills. Let them understand that they have to work hard for that next video game or bicycle. If you start to reward them based on their hard work, they will learn to imbibe the habit of hard work from an early stage. Some may moan or groan but never mind, they will giggle at last. Children like to be challenged and if they are on top of the game, they will want to remain at the top.

Anything you can do to make your child stand out from the rest of the crowd is a worthwhile and great investment. Every little helps. The class you already see today is the society of tomorrow. If you are able to get your child into that top school, it is highly probable that he or she will get a good university place and a great job. In this time of global competitiveness, it is important to make them stand out. Introduce them to new things, find out what they like and invest now before it is too late.

At an early stage, a child will start to show signs of what s/he will like to become in future. Some will show signs of being good at destroying and building things up. Invest in that little world-class engineer and leave the rest to fate. If you find out that your child likes telling stories, invest in buying quality books for him or her. Don’t leave that shelf empty. Fill it up with interesting books if you will like to read another bestselling author in the nearest future.

Some may have the potential but lack the drive to fulfil their potential. As a parent, you are there to push your children. Everything in life requires hard work. As Edison indicated, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% hard work. Let them know that to be successful in life, they really have to work hard. They may not always want to do that which they are capable of doing because they find it challenging. These days, it is very easy to meet pupils who don’t like reading or writing. How can they be good at what they want to do if they cannot read or write? You have to push them out from such mindsets.

Your children may begin to see your contributions as punishment. Never mind, when they grow up, they will realise how such training contributed to their success and they will bow down and thank you. Children like to laze around and play games. There is nothing wrong with that since all work and no play make Jack a dull boy but Jack has to be made to realise – that to play hard, he has to work hard first. Every child has a dream and you can make that dream come true if only you can discover it, invest in it and motivate them to work hard towards achieving it. You have to awaken that hidden potential rather than destroying it. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step and you can already start now to make that right step by investing in their success.

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