Key services

We understand that everyone wants the best service and we are trying all our best to ensure that everyone gets it. We pride ourselves as one of the best services that anyone could afford hence you might have heard about us from your friend. Our educational services are tailor-made to suit diverse needs.  We have the right people who share the same vision and passion as us and you will benefit enormously from our expertise. We can make your knowledge work. That's our promise. Below are the services we offer at key stages of a pupil's educational life and they are tailor-made to suit three key areas of interest: academic skills (developmental) tuition, attainment tuition and examination tuition.
College Students
Key-Stages Class (KSC)

Everyone wants to reach the next level and our KSC enables you to achieve just that. Once you enrol in any of our KSCs, you will be supported to progress further. If you are still lagging behind or under-performing in your studies or below your expected level, you will be put under a special KS attainment class. Your teacher or mentor would have told you where you are and where you need to be. We will support you to move from where you are to where you need to be. 

Sharing Student
Fast Track Class (FTC)

We created FTC to meet the needs of those pupils who are not enrolled in regular tuition. At any age or stage, there are certain things you are supposed to know or have known. If you are lacking in some basic knowledge, or have forgotten the foundation or still finding some topics difficult to grasp, then, you will benefit from our fast-track short courses. These are some of the prospective courses under FTC: Vital Maths in GSCE Physics (VMGP), Vital Maths in GCSE Biology (VMGB), Vital Equations in GCSE Physics (VEGP), Describing, Explaining and Comparing Graphs (DECG).  Fast-track enables you to brush up on some essential skills. Always check this site to know the topics or courses that are running. Presently, the threading workshop is running and you can register now.​ 

Interested Student
Class 1-0-1 (C101)

Different kinds of private tuition are available at our centre: Independent Study Guide Programme (ISGP), Teach-Me-Series (TMS) and Standard 1-0-1. Both TMS and ISGP are worksheet-based learning intended to promote independent study. Under these programmes, we provide essential workbooks including study guides to enable the individual to excel in their academic pursuits. It is left for you to choose a programme that suits your needs.

Volunteer Opportunities
English for Newly Arrived Pupils (ENAP)

English for Newly Arrived Pupils (ENAP) is a booster course targeted at those pupils who arrive in the UK from other countries where the first language is not English. ENAP is a complete guide to grammar covering many aspects of English language: vocabulary, spelling, syntax (sentence structure, order and arrangement of words) etc. Grammar will be taught in formal way and pupils will learn how to analyse sentences, break them down into clauses and word classes (parsing). Pupils will also be taught the standard written forms of all the parts of speech, etc. Register now for ENAP.

Drawing Time
Host Family Class (HFC)

The Host Family Class, also known as Host-a-Friend, is a student-centred service. Become the host, form and organise your own class by inviting  your friends, peers and neighbours as Guestudents to Promise Centre. All you need to do is to select the topics of interest and contact us to book your class in our monthly schedule. This is an opportunity to resolve all those difficult topics that your class is struggling with. Start planning your next class by simply downloading this Topic Booking Form

Students Taking Exams
Examprep Class (Exclass)

Examprep class is all about preparing for examinations. Whether you are a pupil planning to take an exam and/or enrol in a new school or even win a scholarship or one planning to retake an exam, the examprep class is for you.

There are different exampreps: 11+, 13+, GCSE, etc. Our ‘Key Points to Success’ including ‘Examination and Revision Guides’ are designed specially to guide you through those common mistakes that prevent students from getting the best grades. Exampreps include solving past questions, knowing what the examiner wants, predicting likely questions that will come out in examination, teaching you how to attempt questions, exposing why students fail examinations, etc.