Key Subjects/Courses

The following are the subjects/courses that we offer at Promise Centre. The courses have been structured in this way to enable you to improve both your subject knowledge as well as key academic skills.
Triple Science

This includes biology, chemistry and physics. If you will be taking Triple Science in your GCSE, it is better to start preparing in time for it, so as to excel in all of them. The course is offered by the five main awarding bodies in the UK: AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE and WJEC.

Combined Science

Combined Science is also known as Double Award Science: you study GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics although you will be awarded 2 GCSEs. If you take this route, you can progress to A levels in all of the 3 natural science subjects. Pupils can pursue either one GCSE in science or several combined modules in science. The new course places greater emphasis on "the thinking behind the doing". Pupils taking Double Award Science in England study a total of two topics (three subtopics) per subject.


The English course concentrates on not just improving your grammar but also your reading and writing skills. Some of things that you will learn include how to deduce, infer, interpret and analyse information, events at a higher level for GCSE, A-Levels and extract key information from texts. Also, students learn to identify and comment on the structure and organisation of texts.

English Literature

Whatever text you are studying, we have a specialist who will teach you how to analyse the language, form and structure used by a writer to create meanings and effects. You will learn how to read in depth and critically, so that you will be able to appreciate the power of English literary heritage as well as demonstrate your understanding in writing using relevant terminology.


The maths course at Promise Centre touches every level. Whether it is learning to count, solving simple arithmetic, algebra or those x factors, be rest assured that we have people who can teach you maths like  you've never been taught before and boost your interest in the subject.

Academic Skills

We teach other essential skills - one-to-one that are often neglected albeit they are beneficial to the student's success in education and life. These skills are often taught as short courses under our fast track. Students can as well organise their academic skills class or workshop using Host Family CLass (HFC). One of such key courses created to improve student's writing skills is threading. This module encompasses a range of skills that equip learners across a wide range of levels. This arguably is one of the most important modules enabling students to learn effectively.